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little reata

. : welcome to little_reata : .

This is the icon journal of psychobiddy. It is a replacement for my old icon journal dykons.

Everything here is archived in the memories. I use tags, too, but those are less specific.

If you take anything, please credit in keywords or comments.

If you would like to request or affiliate, leave a comment on any post.

RESOURCES: crumblingwalls, dearest, pessimistchick, teh_indy.

SISTER COMMUNITY: fabulous_hats -- a vintage photo community I run with joanie_dearest5.

AFFILIATES: 5thavenue_57th, 18yellow_roses, _witchygirl, athing_ofbeauty, aye_cons, dippermouth,
freeze_tag, glitter_kingdom, iceboxundies, nerdork_icons, onetouchofmink, oywiththeicons.

I post at backlot.

simply classics