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psychobiddy, qu'est que c'est? [userpic]
11 Waterloo Bridge
by psychobiddy, qu'est que c'est? (psychobiddy)
at May 30th, 2007 (11:21 pm)

From the 1931 James Whale melodrama, starring Mae Clarke & some creepy dude called Douglass Montgomery. Truth be told, I didn't even like this movie all that much. But Mae Clarke was really cute, & the cinematography was fab. Plus I really want to do a Red-Headed Woman set, but this was the first movie on the disc & I AM PSYCHOTICALLY OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE. XD So, enjoy, maybe.

06. 09. 10.

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    Posted by: Film enthusiast (ex_beautyof)
    Posted at: May 31st, 2007 08:05 am (UTC)

    Oh my thanks for making icons of this movie. I saved a bunch... Will credit!!!

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